THAT Eye Cream™ Reviews Are Coming In

It’s always exciting to get positive eye cream reviews from customers… and we’ve had quite a few of them already (and we’d LOVE to have more). Although not as much fun, critical reviews are also helpful because they let us know what our customers want and help us strive to find appropriate solutions. It’s all a very positive process.

Not too long ago we asked Faye to give THAT Eye Cream™’s All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C a try and let us know her thoughts about it. Fortunately she was able to make a review video for us to share with you. Take a look at what she had to say…

Faye, in her own words:

“I’ve had dark circles my whole life, it’s something I inherited from my Mom. But as I’ve gotten older and busier and more stressed, the dark circles have gotten a lot worse. And of course I’m starting to get wrinkles now too so I’m being a lot more conscious about how I take care of myself.

If I don’t get enough sleep or get the proper nutrition, my eyes just really show it. I’ve tried a lot of different eye creams and I found one that I think I’m finally going to be loyal to for a long time. It’s called THAT Eye Cream™ and you can get it on Amazon.

It’s got vitamin C in it, it’s got green tea extract so it’s anti-inflammatory and helps with puffiness. It’s helped reduce the dark circles. I’m really, really pleased with this product. It’s very sensitive for my eyes. I wear contacts and I have sensitive eyes and the other night I actually got some in my eye and it didn’t sting at all. Check it out… THAT Eye Cream™. This stuff is a really good product.”

Full Disclosure: We asked Faye to make this video and provided her with a complimentary bottle of the All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C for evaluation. However, we did not tell her what to say about it. The video contains her own opinion based on her personal experience with the product.

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